Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quack Quack

I am definately feeling like a duck in this weather with all this beautiful rain around. Everything is certainly drenched, watered and green now. I just can't understand how we can still be on water restrictions when we have Flood warnings. Crazy council!!!! My husband is demanding he become Prime Minister of Australia and change a few things... just a few....? Yep right!! I'm sure he would change a mile.
I am really honestly enjoying all the rain. I actually cannot get enough of it. It makes me feel more relaxed and that I can actually put my feet up and without the guilt. We are all at home together and it is really nice.
Well I am hoping you are all dry out there. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there going Quackas with all the rain but I'm sure it will only be a day or two before it passes.
Quack soon
Thanks for stopping in
Quack Quack :-) x


  1. Like you, I love the rain, but with a 3 yr old who loves the outdoors I am actually going a bit stir crazy, did 3 layouts today so cannot complain, but with 2 poodles who actually have to be told to go outside, when they come in I have to dry them off, I guess I really have 3 kids. Glad you are enjoying the family time, I do too. Love to you, Melxx

  2. Nah - Im sick of walking kids to and from school and being wet all day......cant we just have night time rain???

  3. Hi there, my email is mel_o68@hotmail.com, and I hope you are having a wonderful day clever lady.

  4. i like that idea of night time rain, that would be tops! and c'mon winter too while we're at it! i dream of nights snuggled in bed with a juicy novel and a real hot chocolate and some tim-tams. god i love chocolate. oh just bring on easter already!! :D