Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just thought I would share a couple of layouts with you. This is TED!! This is my sisters son and we are babysitting him tonight. When she SMS me and asked if Ted could have a sleep over I replied "Of course, just as long as you pack his over night bag and his lunch box." She replied "Ted said "Woof Woof (Thanks Moonie).
He is a dear wee soul. The most placid dog I have ever met. As my sister is a Hair Dresser, Ted the pooch is very spoilt and gets Keune Shampoo and conditioner used on his mane :-) and then when he comes over for dinner with his Mum and Dad, he gets a special squirt of after shave on so he smells devine. (oh my gosh you are all shaking your heads aren't you!!!) haha well it is so cute I thought I should share that !
This is one of my favorite photos of my Corey. My talented daughter took this pic of him and knows that I love her photography. She is only 19 next month and learning photography as she has a real passion for it.
Thanks for stopping in today. I hope the rain is good for you. It is pouring here right now... and for a Saturday I say BRING IT ON!! There is nothing more awesome for me right now than to have this so welcomed rain. I love the feeling that you can actually have a rest without the guilty feelings that come with it.. the temp is devine and its a great way to spend the day with the family all at home just chilling out on the bed together doing our own things.
Hope all is good in your parts of the world.
Love always
Moonie x


  1. Oh Lisa, I just read the last post first, what a shame you are not keeping him for good, well I bet your little man would like too, but he is going to have a wonderful sleepover, and I read in your post he never made a sound, wow now that is one good puppy.

  2. Love the layout you did with him too, so cute.

  3. Gorgeous Lisa!!! Love all the different textures you have used.

  4. AWWW so cute Lisa that kraft one is gorgeous