Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

Gotta love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lisa I m so sorry to hear about your son, hope he gets well soon.
    I googled bakers twine and found an etsy store , I think Annas craft cupboard has it too, hope you find it

  2. Moonie, Oh my heart breaks to read about Corey. I sure hope the test come back soona nd with good results. You guys and Corey will be in my prayers and thoughts. Dear I know you are worried out of your mind......awwwww! I wish we were close!! I really tank you for the awesome award. They are so sweet and appreciated!! You are awesome girl!! Love the new projects!! Thanks always for stopping by my blog and sending cheers my way.. ;o) Sorry it takes me so long to get back with ya, but my intentions are meant!! Take Care my dear friend and have an AWESOME weekend, or try too!! Hugs, Dawn

  3. I am so in awe of your wonderful nature, with so much going on with you and your dear little man, you can still make others laugh (which is what you did) with the saying for today, please know he is in my prayers too lovely lady, and am thing of you. Love Melxxx