Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does 2010 have instore for you?

Well here we are .... another year in front of us and I like you no doubt are hoping all is going to be great for this year. We have a couple of trips planned. One to Singapore in March and hopefully another one somewhere else towards the end of the year. In between that we want to get a few short 4 day trips in somewhere in our caravan. I am busting to do this as my husband is wanting to sell the caravan which we bought brand new last year and swap it for a boat :-( I'm so not the boating girl.. unless you take me out to Whitehaven Beach up in the Whitsundays and drop me off on the beach for the day. I love going somewhere random in the caravan and it only takes about half an hour to set it up and it is bliss after that!!
Anyway, I suppose I am not looking forward to my boy going backto school as I love the laziness of the school holidays. We are off to the beach and swimming most days,watching DVDs up later at night together, making Leggo together, he even scraps with me which is bliss... such a beautiful time together as I tell him "Scrapping honey is a lovely quiet time" and as long as he is with me he just gets so involved and creative..... and enjoys it just like me.
My Daughter who is 19 in April is leaving me and moving up North. I am dreading this soo much as she has been my soul mate for 19 years. She desperately misses her friends back up north and has not really gelled down here so I have to let her spread her wee wings and fly.. I know she will come back.
I am hoping to get on to another Design Team this year. I applied for my first only 3 months ago and got accepted so I was wrapped. I am totally dedicated to this love of Scrapbooking and I can only keep going and hopefully achieve more. I am finding friends all over the world through blogs and I love catching up with them all and reading their life stories. At the end of the day we are all just girls being girls and creating our beautiful creative sides.
Well on this note my freinds, I need to close now and go and paint a canvas for a gift.
Nigh Night all
Love Moonie x

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