Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am so fortunate to have my own scrapping room and to be honest ... it is my absolute haven here at home.. well one of them anyway. I sneak in here during the day on the weekends and have a bit of a ponder on my laptop or just sit and look at all my scrapping goodies. My mind then gets thinking about what I am going to create next... until the door opens and someone asks me "What's for dinner tonight"... It's really like .... ohh ok, back to reality. I don't think compared to a lot of girls I know, I don't have a mass amount of scrapbooking goodies, but I love what I have. I think if I had too much I would get lost with it all and forget to use some of it then be not so keen on it later on. I enjoy every buying fresh new exciting paper each and every Friday nights at our Scrap after dark at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks in Nambour. That is exciting for me. In my room, well it was initially meant to be the guests bedroom as it has an ensuite in here, but I did not want to share my scrapping room with anyone especially a Queen size bed, so I have a King single bed in here incase we get a single person to stop the night, I have my printer, Radio/CD player, and all my goodies. Oh lets not forget the air conditioning.. Which is an absolute must for me... Loooove it!! So here is MY SPACE X Happy Scrapping Everyone!! Love Moonie x

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  1. looks lovely! It's so fun to have a little hideaway.