Thursday, January 28, 2010


On Australia Day 2010, thousands of Aussies will hit the beach to flog their neighbouring States in the fifth Annual Havaianas Thong Challenge World Record attempt.

On Tuesday, 26 January 2010, bring your friends, family and your spirit of competition along to the Havaianas Thong Challenge. Be a part of a sandsational day of flip-flopping around in the water, lapping up the beautiful Australian sunshine.

We couldn't believe the bodies and the umbrellas on the beach when we got to Mooloolaba Beach at 7.45am Australia Day. What a sight to see. Everyone was in full Aussie spirits... wherever you looked there were Aussie flags, banners, tattoos, face and body painting, hats, and of course the giant HAVAIANA THONG!!

This is my Corey and he had the best time body surfing the waves. He cannot get enough of that water. There was a slight rip in the water which made me a bit weary. Always so much more cautious when there are rips out there.

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