Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scrap for Charity

Well I have had a fantastic weekend. I scrapped on Friday night at Daisys... this is our Scrap n Chat night and I am an absolute regular on Friday nights. I so look forward to the end of the week after working, running around being a Mum, Wife, worker and housekeeper... this is the time of the week that it is MY TIME!!
Barbie had a Scrap for Charity on Saturday in the store beginning at 10am going through until 10pm. I did not put my name down as normally the weekends are treasured by me for family time. My husband and I are so busy during the week... this works out to be our down time and family time. But sadly :-)) my husband had to go to Brisbane to look at a boat so I was keeping fingers crossed that he would take our son too. Well it worked out that he did take him, so trying not to show my excitement I jumped out of bed and said.. "Well I might just slip on over to the Charity scrap". I got there at 10am and my husband was back from Brisbane at 12pm... woooopsie.. heheheheh.. They had a great day together though so it was good all round.
I managed to get 2 layouts completed. Really happy with them. Won't be able to post them just yet as they are for A2Z who I design for and the scraplets I used have not yet been released so in a couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open.
Today has been a great LAZY day. I slept in til 9.30am, had a late breaky, come back to bed (well didn't actually get in it) and Ken and I watched Harry Potter with Corey. So I was happy to be lazy all over again.
Enjoying the rain and the wind. Loving it after all this horrid heat. I'm just about over it. Bring on Autumn but it hads to stay Autumn. Love the in between time of the year.
I hope you have had a great weekend where ever you are.
That's all for now..

Moonie x

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  1. Wow you worked the Charity scrap well, glad you got 2 layouts completed and your husband and son had a great day, looking forward to seeing those A2Z layouts. Hope you had a great movie afternoon, Maisy is on here most of the time.