Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 19 Project Life

Well it doesnt take long to get behind with PL but it is fun when you get back to it.  Problem is when you have a little visitor for two weeks you cant seem to jam all the photos that you want to in to two page protectors.  That is why I am loving the inserts.  I am still waiting for a good bunch of page inserts all different sizes to come from Craft House NZ. Has been nearly 3 months and I could do with them right about now.
This week have have used the page protector with the small 3x3 square inserts so I can add a few extra photos of my time when my Mum was here from New Zealand.

Love the little inserts for busy weeks

Cant wait to get started on Week 20... What week are we up to?? I have not a clue.. I think I may be behind about 4 weeks :-( but will get there.
Have a great day.. Off to work I go now
Moonie x


  1. Ohh... love that WeRMK page protector. I've seen them in online store but never in action! Definitely ordering some for sure after seeing your gorgeous spread. All of your inserts are gorgeous as always Lisa. Love it and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Lisa... and love love the inserts... awesome idea... looks like you all had a wonderful time together...

    Jenny ♥

  3. hi Lisa
    just wondering what PL page protector the second photo down in this post is???
    the one with the little squares across the top and bottom...
    pic in the middle is long and labelled ENJOY TODAY