Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brisbane Paper Craft Show Weekend away

Last weekend my great friend Monika and I spent 3 nights down in Brisbane city.  We go there every year on the long weekend for the craft show.  We only spend about 6 hours @ the show and then the rest of the weekend we just have the best ever time just shopping, eating out, catching up with other friends we chat to online all year and have a great time just being ourselves.  No being a Mummy or a wifey.. no one needs us.. we just chill.  So awesome.. And it is a great time to just be YOU!! Monika and I have a very special closeness and we dont even need to talk all the time to each other when we are in the room.  We just love being together.  The first morning I heard her on the ipad and on the phone but kept just rolling over and falling back to sleep.  When I did look at the time the clock said 10:00am!!! I nearly died.  I jumped outta bed and said OMG I dont know how many times.!!!!!!!! But all she said to me... you needed your sleep.. You were so peaceful.  Now how good a friend is she ?? LOL
Here are a few pics of our wonderful time

Moni, Kim from Warwick and I out for dinner @ Siam Thai Restaurant Southbank

On arrival at the Chifley Hotel in the Queen Street Mall.. So awesome to be so close to everything.. Across the mall from the entrance of our hotel was the Myer Centre... Then just across the bridge and you are @ Southbank

Monika and her spunky big balls

A bonus while the Paper Craft show was on.... next door was the Book Fest.. OMG....... the best ever in the world Book Fest.  I purchased Ken and Corey 18 books in total.  None for me.. I scrap lol

Kimmmeeeeeeeeeeee >>>>>

Mons having multiple moments with all her new pens for drawing in her journals with
I think she needs to actually go to AA -  she has big issues lol

Mel was behind us and was just being plain immature taking photos of us and sending us text messages while there was a talk on... telling Mon her pony tails were crocked.. and why bother listening when she can't see anything anyway lol

 Our entertainer out while out for dinner at the Turkish Restaurant

 One of my most favorite buildings in the Brisbane City.. This was opened at the Treasury Hotel and Casino in 1995.  Just one minute from our Hotel.

Always love my catch up with Donna - a very dear friend 

THE Miss Jane Davenport!!!   Monikas love!! Such an inspiration.

Mel buying up a storm for the day

 Love my new Becky Higgins Honey collection - Cheers Mel xx You're too kind x

On our walk home through Southbank

There is just something about water and lights!!

The girls with the goods

So there you have it.. lots of fun and girly time..  Nothing better than being away for a long weekend and doing what you love.  I hope you all who went had a great time.. Pity I missed a few of you.
Night night for now.. It is currently 8 degree here tonight and it is a bit of a shock to the system.. So all snuggled up in bed with my boys.. Life is good
Moonie x


  1. what an exciting getaway!!! thanks for sharing and YAH that you got some PL supplies...!!!

    Mandy from NZ PL group!!!

  2. Looks like you had a totally fabulous time...lucky you girls!! Great pics, fun to 'journey' with mind at least....still drooling over that tub of PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!