Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Project Life - Week 18

A little insert added of Corey

Life..... but not as we like it.
Corey did not say anything about this happening.  It must have happened the Friday @ school.  Daddy spotted it while they were in the shower.  Ken come to me stressing about what it was.. I was sure it was the symptoms of Meningococcal rash.  I said to Corey we have to straight away take you to the hospital to get it checked out.. I had no idea that it was anything else.  After him telling me it is ok and that it will go away.. I got a bit suspicious.  It took me 20 minutes to get it out of him what it actually was.  A Grade 7 boy (Corey is Grade 5) had bullied him and twisted his skin about 3 times on each side.  Corey and his mate were playing hand ball in the year 7 area as it was quieter and not so many boys playing.  This is sadly what he encountered.   He will never go to that area again.

I have notified the school and they are aware of what has happened.... Next time Mummy is stepping in.....

Finding it hard to get my macro pics focused ... not sure what I'm doing yet with my new camera.

Beautiful butterfly and bumble bee washing tape my gorgeous friend Monika bought back from Idaho with her two weeks ago.

The white painted man in the Queen Street Mall of Brisbane proposing to me with a ring in a box. So sweet.

 The double put together

And the beginning of week 19... to be continued .....

Thats all folks 
Moonie x


  1. Oooh, just popped by to take a peek at your how you do it....but do NOT like the bullies...just awful, how kids behave towards each other at times. Hope it is never, never repeated.....

  2. Sheesh Lisa - that twisting/pinching is hectic!! That kid better hope he never runs into you! Great to 'meet' you the other night x