Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 5 - Look out Week 6.. Im ready

Love putting this page together.. Lots of colour and fun.  This has probably happened to you if you have had a special event or holiday in one week.. So I added in a 6x8 insert and popped in a few extra pictures of my GF 40th birthday party. What a ripper it was.  Such a great night.. Lots of good laughs and good company.

Haha I had to add in the photo of all my coffee cards Tex took the other day.  She laughs at how many I have.  But like I said.. Im just supporting the locals.  I say.. What's like without good coffee??
Here is my 6x8 insert.  Just wanted to add these few pics in to remember the fun time we had that night.

So the pressure is off for Week 5 now.. Luv it!!
Thanks for checking out my work.. Leave some love for me so I know you have been here.
Night night 
Moonie x

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