Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 5 - Capture the Moment

I have had a lovely lazy Sunday at home today with my son.  We have just chilled out and done our own thing but together.. He has been downloading music to his iPad while I have been updating my blog and playing with PSE.
I have finished the left side of my week 5
I just wanted to add in a thank you to Jodie along at Polka Dot Creative who I bought this cool SMASH washi tape, and in the parcel was this cute as CAPTURE THE MOMENT manilla tag stamped for me.. I just dont have the heart to throw such cute stuff in the bid by my feet at my desk.. so I recycled it and I love it.

I do like creating my little collages.. I have lots of photos of one moment sometimes and It is hard to just use one.

So off I go now to go and do the right hand side page for week 5.  I'll be back xx
I hope you are all enjoying creating your PL for this month.  I am starting to get the hang of it all.  Still not 100% happy with what I am doing but I am getting there. 
Luv always
Moonie x


  1. These look great Lisa. And I think they are true to you which is gorgeous.

  2. I love that you recycled my tag Lisa. I love doing that too. Your pages are beautiful. I love your colour palette that you have chosen for your week. I also love the detail you have gone to with some of your elements like distressing the doily. Takes time but it is so worth it and fun. x

  3. Your pages look so relaxing :)