Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catching up with PL

As this is my first year doing PL, I am loving it but feeling a bit overwhelmed with it.  I think I have worked out why too which is great.
Here is my Week 3.  
We have had massive amount of rain and floods and a nasty cyclone here on the coast.  Many homes and properties were destroyed and is very devastating for everyone affected.
I love going through my stash and choosing papers and embellies for my pages. Fun fun

This is the right hand side of Week 3.  It is all about the terrible 5 days of Cyclone Oswald we had.

And below is Week 4
Too funny.... While sitting at my desk and pondering trying to find ideas for the last of my page, I come across this on my imac.. Photo booth I think it is called.  As you can see I sat there and just watched to see what it was going to do...... hahahha it took these 4 shots of me in a row.  Too cool..  and NO I dont normally have two heads.. although sometimes I wish I did so the other could rest while the other one took off LOL

And the right hand side of my Week 4.  Still need to fill in my notes..

I have just about finished week 5 and ready to start on week 6 tonight.  Just got my photos printed this morning so all sorted ready to rock and roll.
Thanks for popping in. Off to get some inspiration on crochet blankets.. I get my new big fat soft comfy recliner lounge suite in just two days.. so Im getting ready to get out my blanket I started last year.. I have done 60 squares.. I need about 50 more I am thinking to finish it.  Then onto my zip up hoodie jacket Im knitting too.  Never time for everything I want to do.

Have a great week next week.
Caio for now
Moonie x

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