Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tim Holtz re inkers

So apart from reinkers being used to refil your distress ink pads there are a few other uses for them:
You can make your own Glimmer Mist as mentioned last year on our blog (thanks to our Guest DT at the time ... Sandra Wilkinson)
To make your own glimmer Mist you will need
1 mini mister (or small spray bottle)
Drop a WHOLE dropper fill of reinker into your spray bottle
Add small scoop of Perfect Pearls (small amount on the end of a paddle pop stick)
then fill your mister with water BUT not to the top as you need a small gap to be able to shake and mix it.
Easy peasy you now have glimmer Mist (after of course you have shaken it up)
Or make multi coloured stamps
You will need a make up pad or baby wipe, reinkers of your choice and a stamp
Starting with your DARKEST ink first
(Vintage Photo)
Then filling in the gaps with your lighter ink (Broken China)
Then stamp onto the ink and apply to your layout, tag, card or whatever you are stamping
Or you can try more than 2 colours
Here I used Vintage Photo, Broken China then finishing off with Antique Linen reinkers
(I tried it on a serviette which worked BUT it doesn't stay wet for long so a make up pad or wet ones are the best to use)
And once I started I couldn't stop trying out colour combinations.
So go on... go and have a play and see what you come up with.
Don't forget to upload it to the my2angels Gallery so we can all have a Bo Peep.

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