Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Fingal Heads retreat on the beach

We have packed up the caravan, push bikes, sunscreen, hats, magazines, laptop, no hair dryer, no make up, a bucket for clothes washing and some music for one bliss week of fun in the sun and time out from our busy every day life. It is just so awesome to get back to basics and turn everything off and also switch off from the busy lives we all lead. It is crazy and stupid how we all just are constantly rushing in today's world. I am doing a daily walk in bare feet along the beach which I clocked today using my cool imap app on my iPhone. It clocks your distance, calories burnt and time it takes you. It also stores every work out you do so you can compare and try and beat your last train. While this is clicking over I was listening to my music and also taking these amazing photos. Gooo the iPhone!!! Later when it is not so warm and full on sun I am going to ride my bike into Kingscliffe which I am not sure what the distance is. Ken rode in this morning while I was still getting my much needed beauty sleep. It is about 8km I am gathering. I will clock this too. Such a great caravan park.
Right on the beach, all the kids are playing together.. havent seen Corey since this morning, it is a park where kids can actually ride their bikes, scooters and roller blades without being told off. There is nothing but a corner store and fish and chip shop here and the beach.
Everyone gets to the beach about 4 or 5 to sit on the beach as it is HAPPY HOUR :-) Anyway, I am off as we are going to go and explore the beach, the boys are going fishing and the rest of the day...ummm... not much. Take care and I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays too.
Moonie x


  1. Sounds divine Lisa... love all your pics... enjoy :))

    Jenny x

  2. Sounds amazing Lisa, keep enjoying and relaxing xx

  3. Well Lisa I got to go there and see your blogs. so amazing and done really well. So proud of you .and good day to day stories that your mumma can read and know what you are up to ,and love your car. But at the same time you had lots of laughs in your little red machine . Love you, Mumma