Friday, September 23, 2011

Movie World

Ken woke us up yesterday morning and said.. let's get up ... we are going to Movie World for the day.. Corey did not shut up the whole time til we got there.. Ohhh to be a kid again and be so excited about something like that.. I remember clearly the feeling of such excitement. He was so impressed with it all there. I love the feeling of the adrenalin pumping and when Danielle and I are together we have a blast on all the big scary rides. Ken's tops for adrenalin is the bumper cars or the carousal. We decided to go on the Scooby Doo Ghost train ride... the 3 of us that was.. Well I'm so glad we didn't check the sign as there would be no way Ken would have got on it. It was totally spooky and awesome. It was like a not so high but just as fast roller coaster.. Fast as corners and all black inside. Poor Ken.... his heart was pumping so hard and the look on his face was priceless... especially when it decided to go just as fast backwards and down hill....OMG!!!!!!
Corey was scared too but wanted to do it all over again when we were out.

The parade they had was fantastic. All the characters have such a cool job.. although I wouldn't like to be dressed like them in the summer. Austin Powers was such a laugh.. He kept driving this thing fast and then stalling it and slamming on his breaks when he saw a hot chicki... nearly crashing into the Bat Mobile in front..

Looove this painted wall. They boys were having fun... and so typical.... look at them pretending to do a wee... LOL

Ken and I cannot believe the length of Corey's legs... he loved it in the dodgem cars.

These guys were cool. Scooby Doo is so much fun.. I still love watching his show.

Classic photo.. I have one of Danielle and I in this same pose when I took her when she was 4. Was a great day full of entertainment. Ken decided to buy us all year passes for the 3 of us so we will be making more trips down here to go to Sea World and White Water World... I think this is the other one we get to go to. So now it will only cost us a tank of fuel for the day. Great deal. $120 each and it expires June 2012.

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