Saturday, September 24, 2011

My new Wheels

Well after not being able to jam all my scrapbooking supplies in my car every Friday night, Ken decided to buy me a new car.  It is a groovy car with loads of space, boot space to stand up my trolley and tote in it, easy cruise control, comfy plus seats, has lots of get up and go and is more quiet and luxurious than I imagined.  Ken was very happy with my choice as he did not see that car til I bought it home.
One more full day here in our beach world.. loving it so much.  We have played scrabble every night since being here.  Lots of fun with Corey.
Take care and you will see some layouts next week.  I'm busting to get my hands on my stash.
Take care and til then... Moonie x


  1. Love the car, it suits you! Enjoy your last moments of beach heaven.

  2. Looks good ... you should detour over to me on your way home and check out my new place while i check out your new car:)

  3. Love your new wheels Lisa!! Great that you can fit all your scrappy gear in there. Looking forward to see some layouts. :)

  4. That’s a pretty impressive car! I like the bold look of its exterior. It looks big, but I’m sure it’s easy to handle, especially on a heavy traffic road. How was the first year of driving it? ->Arlyne Nelms