Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Far North Qld

Well it was a heck of a long drive up here on my own... well with my co driver next to me... Corey. But 1000km the first day and then 400km two days later and the full time catching up in between the drive with all my girls in Mackay certainly tired me out. We had a great time in Mackay. So many happy faces that I miss so much. Things just never change even when you have been away for 7 years and I guess thats why they are called great friends.. Cause things never change and the friendships will never change.
We have chilled out here in Townsville with my DD. She is still working with only her two days off during the week but it actually gives Corey and I .. more so me.. time to relax.

I packed in my car 2 canvases and a few of my paints, my copics and that is about it. I have really enjoyed going down to the Strand and relaxing on my blanket and playing with my copics. Im still shit at it... I cannot believe how well I can paint but how crappy I color in. Oh well, practice will perfect me I am guessing.
We went into A Craft Affair today. Helen in there is so lovely. It was quite overwhelming to see so many of my layouts hanging everywhere in the shop. Corey felt pretty special and said he was famous. hehehe.

Dani and I are going to the movies for a girly night tonight to see Bridesmaids. Cannot wait. I have been busting to see it and so has she.
Corey has even started a canvas today. Im so proud of his natural creative talent.
Thats the update from FNQ from me.

Oh I had butterflies in my tummy for 15 minutes after I posted my Masters submissions today. Phew... just actually glad it has gone.
Happy scrapping girls.. and to those who dont. .... what are you thinking...???
Moonie xx


  1. Such a big drive Lisa... but sounds wonderful... lots of relaxing and arty fun... wishing you well with your submission and how cool to see your layouts hanging there in the scrapbook shop... enjoy Bridesmaids... it's a cracker :))

    Jenny x

  2. So glad you are having a good time! Can't wait to hear what you think of Bridesmaids!