Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doctors Surgery Bordem

Just thought I would throw in this collage I did up last night. Danielle and I and Corey spent 2 whole hours in the waiting room of the Doctors Surgery yesterday.. What a friggin joke. This is how we entertained ourselves.. Danielle has that silly thing on her iphone where the faces are transformed into aliens etc... we had such a laugh. We had to get her happy as she was waiting to get her ingrown toenail cut out. And then to make the 2 hour wait worse... the Doctor was in such a rush when he did it she had hardly lay down on the bed and he jammed 4 needles into her toe. The last Doctor put numbing cream on it gently for her. She cried in so much pain it was aweful.. Some of those Doctors should be out!!!!!
Another day in Townsville today. Did some painting on my canvas last night.. off to the strand today to the big bucket and then some afternoon wines with a girlfriend.. Actually Danielles boss.
Have a great week girls.
Moonie xx


  1. glad yo u are having a fab time Lisa!!!

  2. Love the pics Lisa... but ouch for poor Danielle... makes me wince just thinking about it... have fun today :))

    Jenny x

  3. Mark recently had his ingrown toenail done .... the injections he wasn't too impressed about but then proceeded to take photos on his phone of the whole op! Where was his mother???? I was sitting with my head between my knees nearly passing out ... not good with blood and things!
    Glad to hear you having fun :)

  4. Glad you're having a good time. Poor Danielle, I had planters warts cut out of my feet years ago so I know how painful that sort of thing is. Hope she's feeling better now! xx

  5. The pics are too funny Lisa! Pity about the doctor being such a #@%#.
    Have a great week!