Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Present for my DH

My huthband has been a surf life saver for 12 months now. He is on patrol all summer and he enjoys making sure swimmers are safe on our beaches.
I was in Loot today and walked pass this.... I laughed thinking OMG!!! a friggin garden gnome on the beach.. What next.... :-)

But the even funnier thing was .... after that while shopping in the store.. I kept laughing about how cute it really was and it reminded me of my husband.. so I ended up walking out of the shop with this friggin cute garden gnome. I bought it home and wrapped it up for him.. Gave it to him and he just thought it was awesome. I said it reminded me of him sitting on his perch with his binoculars watching the waves... or other :-)

Gotta love a joke now and then between loved ones
xx Love to you all out there x Moons


  1. OMG that gnome is too funny!!!!

  2. Oh my, that garden gnome must have been on holidays watching all the bikini clad how gorgeous. MElx

  3. I can just see Ken lapping it up like that as a lifesaver!!! Too cute, glad he liked it!!!