Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cute as Wall sticker

Just love love love this wall sticker I bought recently. It so suits my room and gives me a nice feeling. Im actually sure I can hear the birds singing to me.. hahahhaha
If you are keen on purchasing one of these gorgeous wall stickers.. contact Lisa Hayes @
I have had a great weekend. Mum left today and we were terribly sad to say goodbye. Put on a brave face for her as she broke down in tears. Hate that so much. I cant stand being away from her as I hate my daughter being away from me. Sadly that is life....even though we wish it were different. My sister and I are putting $20 away each week so we can bring them over for Christmas again this year. We had enough money left over to give them cash to just go out and blow it on themselves. I would do anything for anyone who appreciated it and they soo do.
Thats all for now. Ken has a yummy roast sizzling in the oven for us. Tan and Kerry on their way over to join us.
Have a great week all you gorgeous girls out there.
Moonie x


  1. sounds lovely and love the wall sticker!! Very you!!

  2. so glad to hear yo uhad a fabulous time Lisa!