Monday, March 7, 2011

I am so far behind in my Ali Edwards One Little Word course I am doing with due to not having the internet to rely on and a lack of time...
My word I chose is SHINE...
I had 4 words that were my favorite but this word just kept jumping up at me saying pick me .. pick me.. It felt so right so I had to go with my heart and yes... it still feels perfect for me.
Thank goodness it is a 12 month self paced course. I am now only 5 weeks behind and not 8 so that makes me smile. I was very frustrated putting my Photoshop part of this January page together as I you can see below.. but that is because I am not really familiar with PS and this is why I am doing this course. Get me stuck into it and learn. I could never ever learn enough when it comes to scrapbooking, editing photos or journaling.
I was pretty happy once I got to actually scrap and create my page... that was the ME PART!! :-) SMILES ALL AROUND. I finished it last night, so now onto February. Are you doing the OLW course. Let me know if you are and share share share .... That's all for now.. Moonie x

Hope you enjoyed checking out my work.. I would love to see what you have done too.


  1. Gorgeous work love the colours and the blocking awesome way to record thoughts and memories
    Good luck on the PS (I heard even the creators struggle with it LOL)

  2. Lisa Lisa Lisa, this is just exquisite, what a fabulous word for YOU!!! and this is just stunning, this id def your STYLE to a T!!!