Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My space... looove my space.

Good evening everyone... I am still up late every single night.. oh ok.. well most.. I do love to just jump into bed with my hubby and son at least twice a week for well needed love cuddles..
But I just have so much to do here in my scrapping room and so much catching up to do. .... and basically wasting time to do too :-)
So tonight I thought I would share with you my space.. this is my scrapping room where I spend most nights as happy as can be. I have my television in here, my stereo, sewing machine, another big table for friends to come and scrap.. and yes we have had some great nights in here... and I have a gorgeous back drop outside my window of the bush..

These are my two favorite pics of my babies.. I have them on canvases 18 x 18. I got this book case for $30 and I love it.

My MOONIE name I got from Typo and I just had to have it. I have had the nick name since I was 11 and it has just stuck.. I don't get called Lisa by my family.. It is always Moonie... Moonface... Face.. Moons.. you name it.. I get it..
The reason for this name in case you have all been wondering and many many do but too embarrassed to ask.. Well it is because of the shape of my face.!! There you go. Minds out of the gutter now please. :-)
Also I purchased the gorgeous stick on the wall Chandelier from Typo too. $10 what a bargin.

Ok, so now this is my mess. My desk and drawers from Ikea. Love Ikea.

When we moved into our new home I knew I wanted to get curtains for the big window I have at the back of my room. I love it as it lets in so much natural light. Winter is going to be freezing cold I know it. So I told my husband I need to get curtains to block out some of the cold. I had no idea what I was going to get.. but I knew one day I would just find exactly the perfect thing. These are them.. My new curtains.. hahahaha well sort of. Mmmm sooo blingy.. And my husband quotes.. "And these will be keeping out the cold yeah?" Oh well... girls gotta have what a girls gotta have.

Ikea once again.. Lots of storage room and all the storage boxes from Ikea and Bed, Bath and Table.
So that's my room. It is your turn to put yours up for us to see. I love seeing other peoples scrapping havens.. Small, medium or large.. they are all just filled with love.
Night night.. bed just called me.
Thanks for stopping in for the love x
Moons x


  1. can I move in???? you have seen my crappy space I WANT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi chick LOOOOOOVE your room have to come over for a play one day ;0) xx♥

  3. delish delish Lisa, so cant wait to come and play

  4. What a lovely scrap room. Love the view outside too. I saw your OLW layout and it's gorgeous.

  5. Wow.....looks soooo gorgeous, makes me miss you even more babe :( Me sad now. LOL!!!