Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My unwelcomed visitor

Just when I was about to lock the screen door this morning I was horrified to see this just outside my door just a foot away from where I was standing.
Madly I cannot believe it but my first instinct was to fetch the camera.. and then the phone!! OMG... So while trying to tell my husband what was outside I was on all angles quietly trying to get a good shot of this horrid thing. Yep it was black and dangerous too.
After telling Corey this afternoon about the liddle visitor and warning him to keep all screens and doors shut every moment of the day... he said "Of course Mummy"......
Then I went outside where Ken was planting new plants in our garden.... only to find this..

And after screaming for the second time today.... he thought it was awesome... as his joke worked on me.. it was his plastic snake. But look how clever he was using the broom to put beside the bleeding snake.. BOYS!! I TELL YOU!

1 comment:

  1. oh that is Nasty Ken! Pmsl! our house is on the ground too, so all screens have to be closed here too!