Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Picture Classes - One Little Word

I have signed up to do this 12 month self paced course with Ali Edwards.. Who else is doing it..? I would love to know. I don't know much about it yet as I was just recommended to do it.. so I took the punt and signed up. But since not having internet connection at home and I am well and truly behind.. but I am not worried as it is self paced thank goodness. I am looking forward to learning a lot and going out of my comfort zone, thinking out of the square and learning many other things I would not normally get the time to do. So go to Big Picture Classes and see what it is all about. Ali has many many courses online that you can do. She is a very inspiring lady and I love her work. This is my first photo of me...

I will be going to Daisy's tomorrow night without my scrapping stash for the first time ever and I will be concentrating on doing what I need to do to get up to date and breeze through much loved blogs that I need to read.
So that's all for now..
Have a great weekend all.
Moonie x


  1. LOVE LOVE this photo of you babe. Gorgeous stuff, enjoy the course. xx

  2. I thought about taking this class, I am always so inspired by Ali! But I then decided that there's NO WAY I would have time to keep up LOL! Would love to see what you've done one day!