Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coreys Birthday

Well it has been a huge 2 weeks in the Webb household in more ways than one. We missed Kens birthday on Tuesday as he was up north sorting out our pub and then it was a quiet day on Thursday for Coreys 8th as he missed his Dad and we didnt quite know what to buy him. But he was spoilt anyway and got a cute as wee ACER notebook. It is white and has an aqua lid. Very perfect and he will begin to learn a lot off this. Much better than the games that we were thinking about. If he is going to be on a screen of any sort I would much rather him be learning than just playing dumb games all the time that to be honest drive me crazy.
So he has his birthday party at the Cotton Tree swimming pool yesterday with 11 of his dear friends. Most of them were from his old school who he had an absolute ball with the whole day.
Ken is home now.. got home Friday and is quite devastated with the whole deal up north. Our pub is in a pretty tragic condition. We have 8 accommodation rooms out the back and they are trashed. All beds in a pile on the side of the road and the carpet is all ripped up, windows smashed due to the trees that feel through into the rooms. The ocean basically come right through the front bar of the pub. It is terrible.
When I get the photos I will post them.
Thanks for stopping in and saying boo.
Take care and hopefully Internet connection is 2 days away.
Moonie x

Great day had by all x

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  1. BOO ... Glad Corey had a good day despite Dad not being there
    So sorry to hear about the state of the pub (: I hope all the staff are okay