Monday, October 18, 2010

New Blog Photo

These are my love favorite girls in the world.. apart from you Mummy and Tanya... by blista..
This is when Danielle and Bonnie reunited after one year of seeing each other and 4 years living in different towns in Qld. They met 5 years ago in Cardwell Far North Qld, and have been besties ever since.
They were seperated 5 years ago when we left town and moved down here to the coast. 12 months ago my girl told me she was not happy living down here and had made the big decision to leave me and move back up north to where all her true friends were still.
Bonnie flew down here and the girls had a road trip back up North. They saved like made for 4 months up there once they both got full time jobs to get a bond sorted and money for all the housey stuff.. they are now like a married couple so in love with each others personalities.... it brings so many tears of happiness to my eyes. They are inseperable and bounce off each other all the time.
They say "We match" all the time when they think the same and decide on the same food, shoes, bags or even time to go to bed. It's crazy funny but so sweet. These girls are my life and Bonnie said I had to adopt her and add her as my other daughter on FaceBook... so yes indeed I have.
Can you see the tears of utter joy in Danielle's eyes. I cried my heart out when I saw them jump into each others arms this day at the airport.
I am so lucky to have such a gorgeous girl and to know that they have a soul mate in each other. I miss my soul mate in Mackay and all my besties up there.. Nothing like a true honest friend to have in your life.
Love always..
Moonie xxxx


  1. Gorgeous !! xx Tina

  2. beautiful girls! thank you for the nice comment on my photos also!

  3. Loved seeing your stunning photos, so glad you have such wonderful people in your life. Love to you all, Melxx