Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five years today and my sister and I held hands and stroked his forehead until he took his last breath. Dad had a sudden massive stroke 5 years ago while he was working. He was great fun, always in for a laugh, his passion in life was his music and his guitar. Tanya and I flew back to NZ and got there within 24 hours of the phone call from the ambulance. We were blessed to be given our last 4 days with Dad. On the 3rd day he had an anuirism which took the biggest part of him away. We played his favorite music in his room for him and finally he was at peace. We took his working watch off his wrist which never come off and put his Rolex one on for him as he was to rest from now on.
He was so proud of us two girls. We were the world to him. You were the world to us too Dad and to know you had the best holiday here with us in Qld just 6 weeks before you left... made me so happy.
Love you forever Dad and I we will be in touch again in our dreams. I have dreamed about Dad about 3 times in the past 3 weeks. It's so real. Just like he was here.
Moonie x


  1. Dear Lisa, what a great post, so heartfelt, thank you so much for sharing with us. I know exactly what you mean dear friend, I have been away for a little bit myself. Just need the break otherwise nothing else in life gets completed, we are both a little under the weather at the moment. Just this darn weather, raining pretty hard today, I love the rain, but just get a bit of cabin fever at times. Love to your dear friend. Melxx

  2. A special post Lisa..... Love the plover deterrent too lol.....