Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I bike to the gym when I go in the mornings I dont work and yesterday I got the fright of my life. I was riding along happily enjoying the fast pace I was going with the sun on my back and the breeze in on my face until I looked at my shadow on the road..... Not only did I scream with such fear... I saw a massive Plover bird attack my helmet. He was right on my helmet. I got ht fright of my life and nearly fell of my bike, hit the curb and nearly had a head on collision with the ten vehicles on the road. This nasty mother of a bird thought I was out to get her babies... but I yelled that I was off to they gym and to stop picking on me. They are vicious. A friend of mine was attacked in the head yesterday and a nice chunk taken out of her scalp. Left her bleeding. So..... I have my weapon my darling husband attached to my bike helmet tonight. This will confuse the .. ummm.. birds. I think they are rather cute.... and plus.. they will do the job.
Oh, thanks Lisa Hayes... You are a legend.
I don't care if people laugh at me.. I will not get hurt. :-)
Hope you all have a great week. I'm enjoying not working so much and putting lots of time into me and my beautiful family. Im simply blessed xx
Moonie x


  1. Oh Lis, you're a classic. What a giggle! Bet you'll get a few toots when people see you :)

  2. ROFL PML LOL that is hiliarious you yelling at a bird and telling it you are going to the gym! Frightening though I can imagine but still bloody hiliarious and as for the helmet well what can I say ... PML but looks good he he!!!