Friday, July 9, 2010

Well I am certainly feeling the cold winter temperature here today. It is probably also because I am inside with Corey and not outside. I think it is always colder inside than out during the day as we have tiles throughout our house and glass everywhere. Great summer home.. freezing cold winter home. We are just chilling out watching The Jungle Book as Corey had a his baby molar tooth taken out today and a spacer put in replace of it. He got a big chip out of the tooth so had to get it taken out. He had the gas and of course a couple of needles for the extraction but is not feeling too flash. I feel for him as I would hate something permanent in my mouth I had to get used to.
I got my grubby liddle hands on this gorgeous Tim Holtz Vintage Shabby Paper Stack the other day and I am in love with it. It has pink and blue and vintage color paper in the stack. This is the girly card I made for my friend who had a bubby the other day. I love the Tim Holtz grunge paper which is what I used on these flowers. Once they are cut out you can use the end of a pencil or scissors and bend up the petals on your flowers.
Thanks for looking...
Moonie x


  1. Oh its so sweet and lovely Lisa

  2. Wow, that flower is just divine, and I didn't even know he made patterned paper, wow thanks for sharing, I have the opposite here, warm in winter but stinking hot in summer so lends to a false sense of what to wear when you go out some mornings. I am sorry to hear that Corey has a spacer and is not feeling well, the Jungle Book and lots of mum hugs sounds like the best medicine. Hope your feeling better soon little man. Love Melxx

  3. i need to get me some pearl brads asap!! they give flowers such an elegant touch. so pretty, lisa xx

  4. Gorgeous card Lis, love how you did the flower!!