Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have currently got my grubby wee hands on Tim Holtx 12 x 12 Lost and Found Paper Stacker which is sooo gorgeous. It has 36 exciting full on vintage pages with full pages, strips, clocks, cards, script writing, bingo cards.. the absolute lot!!
I love it. I have not done anything to this background paper... this is it.. just plain ol' grungy. In this range he also has the Shabby Vintage which colors consist of pink, blue and sepia tones. It is divine.
I just had to take the opportunity while Corey was on his scooter in front of me on the Caloundra boardwalk to snap this shot of his cute toosh.
These are his new Pumpkin Patch jeans we got a couple of weeks ago.
Normally I tell him to take off his good clothes when he is outside playing but I know these will be too short for him so I told him he can live in them if he wishes... and he looves them.. won't take them off. They are nice and comfy and look hot :-)
Thanks for coming by and checking out what I have been doing.
Happy scrappin girls
Moonie x


  1. Wow this is just divine, you lucky girl you, I just love the gorgeous style of your layouts, so trendy for the teens & trendy kids. Love Melxx

  2. what an awesome photo it and the grungy feel to the layout....

  3. Wow I have heaps to catch up on with your blog!!! Love this layout so much babe, just gorgeous!! Did you submit this one? Love it xxx