Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exciting news

As most of you may have read on my FB page and my Snap it up Project Life page on FB I was just announced last night that I am now part of the Design Team @ Flutterby Designs.  Anita Ridgeway creates amazing flair buttons, wood veneers, tabs, photo cutouts, Digital Fussy cuts, everyday cards and lots more goodies.. Make sure you go over and check out them HERE if you want to do some shopping. They are full of colour and zest for life.  I got my goodies packet in the mail from Flutterby just two days ago and they are so scrumptious.  I couldn't wait to get creation with them.   I will post a photo of my work once she has over at Flutterby Designs so make sure you keep an eye on the blog and make sure you like Flutterby Designs in FB.

I feel so proud and honoured to be designing for Flutterbys and doing what I love along the way.. It makes my position totally rewarding in every way possible.

As for my photos that you may have read about that I lost while on my relaxing holiday... well I did lose them all.  11000 of them.  I did a Data Recovery which took a good 17 hours!!!  When I looked at all the images.. it had actually recovered... wait for it... 320,000 images!!!! I have NO IDEA IN THE WORLD how and why this happened... I had images I have never eve seen before.. I had images of Lorna Jane tops.. and I mean miles.. images of sneakers, just random images.  I can't go on except to tell you that I had 320,000 images I did not want.  I took the punt after spending 48 stressed to the max in our lovely caravan at the beach.. and DELETED THE WHOLE LOT and then EMPTIED MY TRASH!!!!
I knew I had most of them on my iMac @ home.  I was pretty upset I had lost my holiday photos which I loved but thought this is not a matter of life or death!!!!  When I got home and spent some time on my iMac I could see the holiday snaps slowly downloading through on Photo stream!!!!! I was so over the moon happy!!!! I was just about dancing on my table as I was seeing each one come through.  So thank God for Photo stream.  I know I have lost a few pics but all in all I am happy and I have created a new iPhoto library on my MacBook.  I have a lovely clean slate and Im now a happy camper.. But a huge innocent lesson learned.

I was under the understanding that if you were to delete photos from your ALBUMS... They would still be in your PHOTOS below EVENTS.  IF you delete from PHOTOS they will then be deleted permanently but in your TRASH to recover if you change your mind.

BUT here is the catch that is so important that I didn't know.

YOUR WHOLE iPhotos Library also exists in FINDER under PICTURES...
SOOOOOO.... if you are like me.. when I resize or edit a photo it always gets stored in PICTURES in FINDER.. be aware when you decide to be a good chook and clean out your computer.

So there is your warning.. I just want you to be aware so you don't get caught out like I did. It can be very disheartening to say the least.
Anyway on that note... I am off to go and play with my goodies.  Can't wait to make some goodness out of them.

Go and create and be happy
Moonie x


  1. Congrats again Lisa! Can't wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with with your new goodies xx

  2. Congratulations Lisa!!! Anita is the lucky one to have you on her team displaying her products in your awesomely creative and beautiful pages.....

  3. Congratulations Lisa! Looking forward to seeing the pages you create with Anita's goodies. So glad you got your photos back.

  4. Congrats lovely person. That's awesome!