Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Getaway

As we do each September school holidays we pack up our caravan and hit the beach for ten days. We love it here.. it is a very quiet hidden locational in Northern NSW.  A nice size caravan park and the cars give way to the kids on scooters, bikes and trikes.. They rule the park here which is so great to see.  Everyone is very safe here.. The beach only really consists of the caravan residents.  Daily we get to spot the dolphins and whales strutting there stuff, the kookaburras are so tame here and we get to feed them out of our hands.  I love to just STOP the daily grind and take a breather and do nothing for ten days.  It is so nice. The daily grind for most opus is rushing from school to work, to get the groceries, pay the bills, get home and cook dinner bla bla bla.  Here is the opportunity to do nothing.. And the nice thing is... is that I don't feel at all guilty.

Ive been that content and relaxed that I decided to finally CLEAN OUT my computer.. Mainly my photos.  You can so rapidly accumulate so many photos you don't at all need.. and I never get that time at home to do this.  There is always something more important needing my attention.  So... 2 nights ago I did this.   I own a MacBook Pro.  I went into Finder and went to Pictures.  This is where my resized photos all go to.  So... mostly being duplicates I decided they were all safe to trash.  I also was under the understanding that whatever you trash, will still be in your PHOTOS in iPhoto.  If you delete an image from here.. THEN they go to the Trash Can??
What I didn't know was..... that at the bottom of PICTURES in Finder.... is your (or my) iPhoto Library.  Because I didn't know this.. I highlighted ALL MY PICTURES in Pictures and sent to TRASH.  I was ever so tidy and even cleaned out my TRASH... 

That night I went to edit an image I had taken that day. iPhoto asked me if I wanted to create a new album??? Mmmmm I started to stress... and.. suddenly become feeling a little SICK.  Yes that is right.. I had 10 photos left in my whole computer.  These are the ten I left in Pictures.
At this stage I could not work out what had happened.  I rung Apple the next day and after one hour they could not sort out anything for me.  Today I found a Free Data Recovery program.  It has been recovering my photos for 5 hours today.. it says 4 hrs remaining.  I will see at the end of the recovery if I will get them back or if they ask me to pay to get them back. But it looks promising as I can see all my photos being recovered while watching.  So fingers crossed.
The program is called Softtote Mac Data Recovery.

And get this.. This will make you laugh.. I was that good at spring cleaning I finally got the FORMAT my SD card from my Canon.  Yip!!!!! formatted miles of photos finally with all our holiday photos on.. OMG.... look what happens when I become a neat freak!!!!  Well I guess it is one big fat lesson learned.
We have just two days left on our holiday.  I am looking forward to seeing my besties again.  I miss all my girls all the time.  I will back to Daisys Friday night for a good night in with the girls and scrap my night away.
Thanks for dropping in.  I will keep you posted with my success with recovering my photos.  Fingers crossed.

Take care my friends.. Cant wait to check out all my favorite blogs.

Love and hugs
Moonie x

PS.. sorry no photos to share (not funny)

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