Saturday, November 9, 2013

Request for Support: A Letter from The Editor.

Hello Dear Reader,

Firstly thank you so much for your support of LPS over the last year, it has meant so much to me. When I first came up with the idea in January this year I had no idea how the magazine would grow.
The first issue in March received just over 26,000 views in the three months before the next issue was released. The most recent issue received over 200,000 views in the first week of its release which is absolutely staggering growth for something that was just a bit of fun.

I adore putting the magazine together and being inspired by all the wonderful work that you all send in. I try to include as much as possible because there is so much talent out there and I want people to see it and draw inspiration from it. Scrapbooking is many things to many people but it is also a universal language that brings many people together through blogs, forums and magazines like ours.

As I mentioned before, LPS was initially just for fun but as it has grown it has also taken a lot more time to put together, it is now a full time job and as it is a free publication I am not in a position to hire and pay staff let alone any of the overheads that are involved in the operation. I would love to continue releasing the magazine as a free resource available to everyone in the coming year but as the workload continues to increase without funds to support the operation it seems unlikely that this will be possible. This is where I would like to ask for your assistance in some fund raising...

How you can help:
AUSTRALIAN READERS: You can support LPS by buying kits and supplies from theLife.Paper.Scrapbook. Shop. This shop was set up specifically for the purpose of keeping the magazine going. We have a small selection of items to choose from including our Summer Scrapbook Kit as well as additional embellishments, stamps, mists and more. If you purchase prior to 30 November use the code NOV10 to receive 10% off your entire order. (Shipping is charged at package rates. For items that can be sent as a letter I will refund the postage difference.)
INTERNATIONAL READERS: You can support us by buying our exclusive Day To Day Project Kit from our Big Cartel site. This kit can be sent anywhere in the world due to it's weight and flatness. The kit has been reduced from AU$32.00 to AU$25.00. This kit is absolutely packed to the brim and is worth over $60 retail. 
ADVERTISING: If you are a manufacturer, own a small crafting business or Etsy site we offer advertising in each issue to cater for every budget. We are currently offering 50% off for advertisments placed in the December issue. For more information email me at: lifepaperscrapbook(at)gmail(dot)com

DONATE: If you would like to donate a small amount to continue the publication of Life.Paper.Scrapbook. Magazine for free you can do so via PayPal.


Once again, thank you so much for your support over the last 10 months and for taking the time to read this letter.
Much Love,

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