Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catching up… the story of my life LOL

Whew.. I can finally take a break to do some blogging. Life is always crazy busy and I am pretty well booked up for every hour of my day.  I rush from here to there to get to the next destination or activity that I am going to do.  But like Ive said before I wouldnt have it any other way.  Today I had an appointment for my back. I see a lady who uses a Scanner.  She is incredible and my body responds so perfectly to it.  I was about 20 min early so I sat in the car outside her lovely home for that amount of time and it was so so nice to just SIT!!!!! 
I am still 5 weeks behind.. It does not look like I will catch up any time soon.  I did say to the girls @ Daisys two Friday nights ago that I am going to go simple and catch up.. … It lasted for 3 journal pages. LOL.. I just can't put in flat and unembellished.. so I will carry on my slow pace and do it how I do it.
I just wanted to share these last 2 weeks I have completed with you.

I love to use a bit of a mix of papers and core kits… I have used some Pink Paisley frames here with Simple Stories.  Love my die cut of my paper girls

Love the filters using Leme Cam

 I have used this cute as Pebble Journal card here … We sell them @ Spotlight for $9.. It is crammed of cool journal cards.

Some Kaiser paper and Simple Stories again.

I love the little crochet flower my Mum made for me.  When she was here I asked her if she could make me some.. I bought her a roll of the crochet cotton.  She asked how many I wanted.. I said .. until the roll is gone LOL
And the cute flair button Michelle from The Stamp Spot made especially for me.. She knows what rocks my boat.  I have an awesome stash of my colours she sent to me.

I have purchased these extra inserts for weeks like this that I have a lot of photos.. So great!!!

My poor wee fella.. He got sick in the early hours of the morning.. Slept for 12 hours and the following day he was all better..Vomited and had a nasty temp.. All he wanted to do was sleep.  It was so nice that all the kids in the camp were hanging around waiting for him to get better so they could all go out and play again.

I must say I love these 4 x 12 inserts!!!!

Here is the example of my …. going simple to catch up.. I lasted most of the page but had to bling up the caravan card lol.. this is when I went back to the old me…. LOL

Another 4 x 12 insert

So that is it for me for a week or so.. I am trying to pump them out.. but with work and doing some nights as well at the moment due to the massive amount of stock we have in for Christmas, exercising, walking, family, housework and I am making cards for people at the moment.. I just have to do what I can.  
I must admit editing my photos takes an awful lot of my time.. but I do love to do this.  It is part of my creating.
Til then.. keep happy and keep on scrapping.
Moonie x


  1. Amazing colour palette used! I loved it so much I pinned it!


  2. Agree with you about the Banana Cake, It's been in our family for years too! The best recipe ever and I have the original Edmunds Cook Book, love it! :)
    PS Love your blog too! :) Di B.