Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life right now ....

Life for me is always going full speed!!!!  I wouldn't have it any other way!.. I love my life and I love my little family.
Corey has had his cast on for 8 weeks now and finally got it taken off yesterday just in time for our beach retreat for 9 days away. He is over the moon that he can go board riding and swim whenever his little heart desires.
This photo was taken at a quaint little cafe out at Beerwah only 15 min from where I live.
Donna Downey was here from America doing some mixed medium classes with the girls.  I went out to meet them.  Corey had the day off as it was swimming all day.  We love hanging out.

This day we took Corey for an icecream after school as he has been down in the dumps with his broken wrist.  Not being able to play games and swim and play cricket as normal. Thought we would give him a little pick me up .  I took advantage of taking my camera and had a few shots using different settings on my Canon 600D.  Still toooooo much to learn.  But time is just not on my side.

The little artist just like his Mumma ...... at home with his stash of chalk.

See.. down in the dumps..

My favorite man in the whole world

At least he has strength now to hold up his instrument to practice again

And I have decided to take up a bit of painting for a while.... been about 2 years since I was painting.  Mmmm .... very relaxing as there is no deadline lol like Project Life...

We are officially on holidays as of tonight for 10 days.  Cannot wait to be near the ocean and listen to the waves and smell the salt air.
Thanks for dropping in and having a read.
Off to do some blog hopping now myself.

Night night
Moonie x


  1. Love looking at your photos Lisa! Sounds like you have the ideal holiday planned. Have a wonderful time! xx

  2. great photos Lisa - love the photo of Corey, a photo says so much. Have a great break! xx