Monday, September 23, 2013

Born to be colourful

Hi everyone... I just want to touch base about Project Life, Colour and my scrapping.
I have only been doing Project LIfe for 8 months.  This year is my first.  To start with it totally blew me away as to how to scrap in a little space instead of a 12x12 page... 
To start with I was pedantic about colour matching.... I did like it.. but then I wanted to venture out and mix it up a bit.  This is where I am at the moment... mixing.....

I love to have blending colours and I love mixing up colours and cards and core kits.  But I must say I have worked out my favorite is to keep to a blend of the same colours.  I think my work is neater and it just flows for me.  I find when I use lots of everything I tend to be getting more grey hairs at the time ... lol.....

When I use lots of colour I do tend to use a collection or 3 that match.. This is easy to do. I don't only use Becky Higgins Core kits either... I love the 12x12 papers that are being bought out atm... they are all so so beautiful and I simply cannot get enough of them.  I am the quiet paper addict!!! Love paper with all my heart... thats not sad is it?? LOL  I have a gorgeous stash but use all of it.  I rarely buy paper I dont end up using.

Above and below are my favorite colours atm and have been for months..

But then I do love the brights too... very fresh and happy looking I think.  I love to add embellies that pop on the page... you can have a simple journal card with an embellishment that pops.. makes all the difference 

I like to use my favorite black journal pen to draw stitching around my cards sometimes.. love the effect if gives the journal card.
And yes below..... my fav colours again.. aqua, yellow and a bit of green.. Love LOVE love

So if you are having trouble with a page, make sure try both ways.. go with about 3 colours and stick to  them.... and then try going all out... a colourful paper range is nice to use.. just stick to the paper range and see what you like.. you may like to mix up the ranges too.. It works differently for me each week.
But that is the beauty of art... there are no rules.... just go with your creative mind at the time.
Take care everyone and ...... KEEP CALM & SCRAP AWAY

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Moonie x (Lisa Webb)


  1. Great tips and fabulous layouts Lisa :) I'm totally loving the yellow and aqua combo too!

  2. You so rock the PL pages babe, I love all the colour schemes you have used, they look amazing, you are so talented, keep up the awesome creating xx

  3. Love your pages. So nice to hear about your process. I am not that good with sticking to a color scheme but I do get overwhelmed usually. Definitely gonna try this! I have found lately that keeping more white space helps with the 'grey hairs'.