Monday, September 30, 2013

Family time away

We finally got to go away as a family to the beach.. We go to Fingal Heads every September school holidays and spend about 9 days here.. It is magical.  No shop for 10km except a cafe on the water and that is it.  The caravan park we stay at is just great.  Right on the beach, the cars give way to the kids, the kids have al the freedom in the world and all there is to do there is swim, surf, lay in the sun, sleep, eat, walk, and sleep.... did I mention that?  I love sleeping there as I cannot get enough of the sound and smell of the sweet ocean.  I would kill to live this close to the beach.. but $$$$ is pretty expensive wherever you go.

This is our van in the middle... perfect spot...

These liddle beauties come and sit next to us every morning and at sunset.. So placid.  I love Kookaburras..

Corey has a best mate there now.. Met him 3 years ago and cant wait to see each other every September.  They just play all day in the park and on the beach.

Corey's other little mate and his sister

Time out for Ken and I at Kingscliff together for brunch and a stroll on the beach

Our poor man started vomiting at 4am but only twice.. Had a nasty temp and slept pretty well all day.. Was obvioulsy a 24 hr bug as he was better the following day thank goodness.

My special little Ava come to see me and we met for the first time ever.  We bonded straight away and she trusted me to take her out to the ocean for her very first time.. I could not help myself laugh as she was the most excited wee girl I had ever seen.  Coming from Orange.. cold and snowy she has not had much time outdoors.  Second time at the beach for her.  First time she cried and cried..  Today she absolutely couldn't get enough of it.

I am such a proud Mum.. I have two amazing kids

Looove these photos of this wee monkey.. Playing peekaboo while taking photos

Ava's first time on the beach

 The gang

My favorite man in the whole world

Out @ Brunswick Heads for lunch in the cool beer garden with friends 


And now arriving home for the big unpack

We got home Saturday and I dont start work til Wednesday so its been nice to be at home and tidy and do all the jobs I never get time to do.. as well as some play time with my great girl friends.
Off to do some catching up on Project Life now so see you on the next post 
Love Moonie x


  1. I loved reading this Lisa, and so many great photos. what an awesome holiday and time away with your family xx

  2. looks like you had a awesome, relaxing time! Great photos!

  3. So glad you had a great time away, looks like such a perfect spot for you! Oh Ava is just the cutest little thing, she looked so cute on the beach, your photos are wonderful babe, you have loads to add to your PL pages now! Hope Corey is much better now xxx

  4. Looks like a wonderful spot! Your photos are brilliant (what was that camera you got again??) x