Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moonies Retreat... to be continued

We all had a great night... Lucky we got in 7 hours of fun..
These girls are so much fun to be around.. make me laugh til I cry and are full of inspiration..
To be continued at Tex's place soon.  But sadly I won't be able to make it.

Monika flying through the weeks of her Project Life album.  This girl is so full of talent it is amazing!!

We are all proud of Mel as she was only up to Week 3 and she flew through about 4 weeks just this friday night.. Now she is on a roll .. tonight I expect her to be up to week 23 LOL

Sadly no photo of Tex as she was the one taking the mug shots

 I am sad we all had to end the weekend with my illness. I was so on a roll and having a great time.. but at least I will get my problem sorted ... off to the Doctors from Ultrasound in the morning.
Luv Moonie x

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