Monday, March 4, 2013

The Lovely Bird

It is so nice to see a local girl give business a go that she is passionate about.  She loves art, paper, tape, typewriters, crochet, pens, stamps, ink.. you name it.. she has it.
I met her a while ago when she come into spotlight and bought some fabric for her shop.  She was ever so pleasant and happy and friendly.  I pick up on these kind of people as I love their positive energy.
I popped in to see her the other day.  So if you are a local or not... call in and say hi or get onto her website by clicking here.

Here are just a few inspiring photos I took the other day of her gorgeous scrumptious stashes that she has in store atm.

Tanya is a lovely bird and she is lots of fun and vey inspiring..
Have a great week everyone.
Moonie x

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  1. That 'lovely bird' has some serious eye candy indeed!