Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amy Tangerine is arriving

I thought we were very spoilt having Amy Tangerine arrive in Australia to teach a few classes and talk about her awesome designed products .... but to come back a second time.... AND TO MY SPOTLIGHT STORE!!!!  I am so excited to have her back.. Amy is a gorgeous lady and she is just so quaint.  I love Amy's style.  It is funky, colourful, quirky and there simply is no other collection that is quite the same.

Today at work I stocked up the shelves with Amy's collection which just arrived. It is called Ready Set Go and it so cute.  

I couldn't resist the Hey There clear stamp set.  Now I have the 3 of them and I use them all the time.. They are so cute and great to use on photos for as a little quote using Stazon Ink.

Seriously girls!!!!!!!!! How cute are these stamps???? And for around AUD $8 a set they are awesome value for money.
My first time meeting the gorgeous Amy in Morayfield Qld Australia

And the card we made together.  I could make hundreds of these because they are so funky and colourful.. Would brighten up anyones day.

I have pulled my finger out and done some more pages in my Journal book.  I think I have about 6 pages to go out of about 20 or so.  Cant wait for it to be finished.  Such a great gift for my Mum.. but I don't think I will be parting with this little beauty.

My other little beauty

And my man enjoying his daily passion 365 mornings a year

and my sweet baby girl who I miss something shocking :-(
Why do they have to grow up?

Well that's all I have to share with you tonight my friends... I am off to do some Project Life.. Up to week 8 tonight :-)

Moonie x


  1. You lucky thing getting Amy to your store!!! Not fair!!! So love how you have rocked all her stuff, your journal book is looking beautiful xx

  2. You're soooo spoiled getting to see Amy TWICE... and at your store this time!! I'm jelly - I wonder if she would come to the sticks here in NZ :)Love the card and love, love, love the necklace you have on in the photo with Amy. It really suits you :)

  3. wooooohoooo so excited let me know when so i can book a class !

  4. That is just great Lisa!!! You won't have as far to travel...... hehehehehe!!!! Love the journal btw!!!
    Chris Gibson

  5. Popping in to say that I have awarded your blog with the Liebster Award!! Check out my blog for details!! xx