Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cotton Tree

Here we are again on our little home away from home at Cotton Tree Caravan Park on the beach only 15 minutes from our home.  People think we are crazy coming here as it is so close to home but we love it here.  It feels like a normal holiday, we go home every few days and do a load of washing, hang it out, let it dry, clean the pool, do a few other chores and check the mail and then we are back in our caravan.  Love the lifestyle as it is so relaxing.  We have a great little community in our street and we all get together every second night or so for drinks.  Every Tuesday night we have a dinner night.  Last week it was for the men to cook and we all had to wear some sort of hat.  Its great.  We put all the dishes out on the table and we all help ourselves.  Sort of like Sizzler but WAY BETTER LOL

So for starters, her is my bed.  We have an expander caravan.  This means it is 16foot long but then it is about 20 foot when the bed ends are pushed out.  We have one double bed at each end of the caravan.  We sleep in seperate beds as I stay up and do some sort of art or blog etc on my laptop.  We are way more comfy like this.  Every morning we jump into bed with each other and have our cuddle LOL.  Notice my quilt on my bed I made last year :-) so nice to be using it now after all my hard work.

This is the other end.  The boys end.  Ken down the end and Corey sleeps in the middle bed or with me, or then with Ken another night.  This will definitely be his last year in this bed as his legs are too long now.  BTW it is fully air conditioned so the comfort in this heat is amazing.  You can actually get really lazy here .. but hey.. thats what holidays are all about right ??

And this is our gorgeous beach. Well this is the river side of Cotton Tree.  The other side is the ocean.  So its great.  The river is awesome as it is like floating in a big fat bath... lots of families and babies and lilos to float on.  These people in these vans here on the river side are here for life.. meaning these are their permanent sites each holidays.  They will not give them up unless they decide to never come back.   They have a lotto system for the next ones in.  Everyone is after these sites.  You can see why.

 Our little street.  Thats our site the first on the left.

How cool is this.  This is a permanent all year round site.  These people have been living her for a number of years.  Their home.  But once permanent residents leave now.. they will never be replaced.  Council has changed the rules.. NO MORE.  Pretty cheap living if you ask me.  Living right on the beach for about $300 with no morgage.. no power fees, no water fees...

And another permanent resident.  Look how they deck out their site.  All air bond and built on rooms to their caravans.

This is the river side and it is beautiful.

And this is our little abode.. Ken pretending to be the tired out vacationer asleep like an old man lol

So that's it for me tonight.  Just wanted to share our wee holiday with you all.
Back to reality in a week... school, lunch boxes and school runs.. ohhh and back to good eating LOL
Have a great Sunday everyone 
Moonie x


  1. Lisa what a lovely spot, I know a few people that live on the coast and holiday at Cotton Tree including a family that lived at Bli Bli :). Enjoy the rest of your holiday. BTW Love your quilt.

  2. Gosh this is paradise!! What a beautiful spot for a holiday!! Love it!!! Your set up looks awesome and your quilt looks so gorgeous on your own bed!!! I would love my own bed LOL!!!