Monday, November 26, 2012

Kaiser Craft Desk Organiser

I was thinking of ordering this nice big white storage shelf and drawers on casters.  It is very cool and i want to use it for my Project Life Journal cards.  I have a good little stash now and really ant to be organised with it all.
But today I finished this project.  It is the super duper Kaiser Craft Desk Organiser.  It is very easy to put together and all works perfectly.  I have used wood glue to make it super tough and will lightly hammer two little nails in the back top and bottom on each side.
I bought it last week and wasn't sure how it would turn out or even if I would like my end product.   But I love it......I used the gorgeous  Amy Tan and Simple Storeies SN@P papers.  Suits perfectly for what I am using it for.  

And look how snug all my papers and journal cards fit in.

And guess what..... I am going to get my second one tomorrow so I can do one the same and sit them next to each other..... as I have a funny feeling my Project Life products will be increasing massively.
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Moonie x


  1. Well look at you go! Love what you've done with it, although I think doing a second could be dangerous because it will just give you more room for new purchases, especially if it's Project Life because it's all so small and scrummy.
    Can't wait to see the next installment. :)

  2. congrats on the Bella DT post,
    i was part of their first DT, they are a great crew to work with, looking forward to seeing how you weave project life into their pretty designs

  3. superb post.....sharing information related to Kaisercraft

  4. I love this to bits , showed my hubby and told him this was just what I was after for my PL
    So he went to the local craft store yesterday and bought me one to decorate and build for my project life cards . Can't wait to get onto it .

    I hope it looks as great as yours , thx for the idea !