Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happiness is GOOD FOR THE SOUL

Well the silly season is well and truly here.  I went into my local Plaza yesterday and I could not find a park for ages, the drivers were impatient, the queues were hideous, the shops are trashed...... and I honestly couldn't wait to get out of there.  When you work in retail every day you get to dislike retail... Actually... thats not it... its not the retail you get to dislike.... it's being around impatient, rude people. And I must say I hate being in a crowded shop or shopping centre at the moment.  Its way to busy for my mind to cope with on my relaxed days off.

I was going to start my Christmas shopping but got put off, grabbed a coffee and sat down instead.  So yeah.. I still have to face it ... but I have decided I will take my son shopping on Saturday as I have the day off and he is keen as mustard to do some Christmas shopping.  So we will have a nice day together.
I got a few little treats for my scrapping room as I am having a bit of a change, nothing too much, but just a few little pretties to add to it.
Tomorrow I have the day off and I am looking forward to going training and then I may go to the beach and watch the waves smash down.  I have nothing on so my day is free and I love it that way.

Just finished this last night.  I love Project Life.  So much fun.  I cropped and printed this photo out in 8x10 but selected NO CROP so the photo is nice and long.  Perfect for this 6 x 12 pocket.
I had my first attempt at getting my journalling correct on and printing it out.  I did it in word and it was super easy so now that I have nailed that Im a happy camper.
I am just about finished another one but I was working on my Kaiser Craft Desk Organiser tonight. I had a friend over tonight who was doing the same as me.  It was a bit of fun. She was speedy and way in front of my.  I do like to procrastinate a bit.  Sooo many papers, sooo many choices..  But I am half way there.. 

And a closer look

Well that is it for me tonight.  I get to share my exciting news very soon with you all.  I have been chosen to join a delightful bunch of ladies (all from overseas) on a Design Team.  I think the 1st December is when I can share the news.  I was emailed and asked if I would be interested so that was a pretty exciting invite for me.  Im sure I will have fun along the way.
That's it for tonight. Need my beauty sleep.
Take care all my friends
Moonie x


  1. Oh c'mon you CANNOT tease like that!!!! Loving the PL page. ;)

  2. you rock Lisa big time.... cant wait to hear the news!