Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Project - Project Life

I'm not sure why... but I have decided to take up a new project.... Yip.. thats it... Project Life.  It's not like I have extra time on my hands, or have retired, or have broken a leg and Im stuck to a scrapping chair for the next 6 months... but I think it is because I am just totally addicted to scrapping and I am keen for a new challenge.  Like I said, Im not sure when I will fit it in... but I always manage to do whatever I want to do.  I just go  and go and go.
I have been over the past onto collecting papers and tags and stickers and embellies to put all together for this project.  I'm not sure how I am to get organised for it... but I am going to go in my scrapping room tonight and do a whole lot of cutting up and organising.
I am planning to start this in January 2013 but I wanted to have a bit of a play with it today.
Im pretty happy with how it come out.. I want to get a few more stamps and numbers for dates etc.  But as far as I can see it is a great way to document 52 weeks of one year.!

That's all folks
Hope you all had a great weekend.  I only got today of.  So I am hoping to go to bed early and sleep like a baby.  Need the rest before a 6 week day at work next week.
Take care 
Moonie x


  1. Awesome Lisa... I love everything about Project Life... and your spread here is just beautiful... and yes... yes... I would love to be able to see Monika's journal... how fab... to be in Bali with Jane Davernport... I heard from Lynne... it is magical... work sounds busy... hope you keep finding time to be creative...

    Jenny ♥

  2. you are braver than me Lisa...who has the the colours in this one!