Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So here we are again

I feel like I have been out of touch with the scrapping world since we sold and left our house in mid November. We spent 9 nights in our caravan at the beach which would have been great if I had the time there... but with the Christmas retail hours up I was working every day all day so when I did get to stay there I loved it.
We moved into our new house in the pouring rain and I spent 40 hours there like a maniac unpacking all the boxes and putting furniture into place. Then we were on the plane to Sydney on the Friday. On the Saturday Ken and I and Corey stepped aboard the most beautiful ship I have ever seen for a comfortable and exciting two weeks ahead of us traveling all around New Zealand with 10 other friends of ours.
The Ships name was Rhapsody of the Seas.. I slept for the first 20 hours I think as I was absolutely buggered. It was a truely amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Great that you can unpack your suitcase for two weeks holiday and yet go all over a country.... well even though it is the size of a pimple.
We are now home and I had the Sunday at home and back into work the Monday before Christmas until Christmas Eve. We had a lovely quiet Christmas day. Just what we all needed.
Corey is really settled and extremely happy in our new home and so is Ken. He is on top of the world. So all happy at our place. No more moves for us.
Nice to be back online and will be spending hours on scanning through all your blogs girls.
I hope you all have a great year for 2011 and it is all positive for you all.
Love always
Moonie x


  1. Good to have you back gorgeous girl !! Looks like you had a wonderful time !!! Cant wait to catch up with you soon, just wish this rain would stop for a day or two ;0) !! xx♥ Tina

  2. glad yo ahd a fab time Lisa, looking forward to seeing some holiday layouts now, enjoy your new years too!