Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love taking photos and most of all I love sitting on my laptop at night when I am not scrapping and editing photos. Kim Toms shared this link with me and I think it is great. I do love photo shop but I find I really have to put my sensible thinking cap on to edit here.. It is serious stuff to me... where with this and Picasa seem a lot more chilled out, fun and user friendly.
So pop on over and have a wee play for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised what you can create with a simple photo.
Night Night
Moonie x


  1. Definintely will go and check the link out photoshop and I get on like ... a couple heading for divorce!

  2. looking lovely Lisa, hehehe TOms is my maiden name, just havent changed my email< glad yo are liking that site though