Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hervey Bay Wedding

We have just had a few days in Hervey Bay which was a nice break away. Kens son got married. It was a lovely small low key wedding in the garden and they are very happy.
I made this card which I thought was quite cute. I picked up the wee dress somewhere and I have used Delish Paper put through the Cuttlebug using the Swiss dots.. (my indeed favorite) and a bit of gold Glimmer Mist.

I hope you have all had a great weekend.. It is always nice to get home to home comforts. We are at the moment packing up to move to our gorgeous new home. Crap neighbours can be the death of you but we have picked up the problem... put it aside and are now moving on to our happy life we always like to keep. Some people just like to be nasty and vendictive just because they have nothing better to do in their own lives.. Lucky for all us girls... we have a great happy life and we all keep each other going!!!!!
So til next time.... keep smiling and LIFE IS GREAT!!!
Moonie xx


  1. Oh wow, what a whirwind month alright, I am happy for you that you are moving, bad neighbours are the worst, I bearly stand mine on one side here too, but have an awesome old man the other side, hope you post some pics of your new gorgeous house but of course after the beach caravan holiday, the cruise, new sounds absolutely divine my friend and you so deserve it, my love to you, the pics of the wedding look beautiful, that top you have on is the perfect colour for you, if you were a layout I would say the colours pops. lol. Love to you, see you soon and please take it easy and relax now you are away from your neighbours. Love Melxx

  2. am sure it was a wonderful garden marriage.keeping smile.. printing hervey bay