Saturday, December 26, 2009

A wee note to you all x

Well the silly season is here and we are right in the middle of it. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day with your friends and family and got spoilt rotten. I know I did. We had a street party which was great for us as we moved in here only 7 or so weeks ago so it was so great to feel so welcomed by everyone.. lots of food, drinks, presents and music for the kids!! Way to go!! I am actually for once spending the afternoon here at home in my media room with the air on indulging in some DVDs with my family. Sooo good... as we never take the time to just stop and do this. I have my best friend of 14 years coming down from Mackay today with her two gorgeous Daughers Bryony (17) and Amani (5). She kept this as a suprise from me until now. It's her birthday tomorrow and we are going to celebrate in good style... tonight will be filled with belly laughs and tears~!!!!! Can't wait. I hope you are all enjoying some time off or at least time with your family when you can. Christmas this year has been so special to me as I have my Mum and Step Dad over from NZ for two weeks. My sister and I are sharing them and having lots and lots of fun with them. Been to the markets, beach, dinner, lunch, bike riding, shopping, swimming and another week of it left together. So here's to all you special wonderful friends out there.... Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a great New Year filled with love, fun and laughter. Life is good and I could not ask for anything else to complete my life!!
Love Moonie x

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