Sunday, December 13, 2009


My 18 yr old daughter and I are privileged to have 4 days to ourselves home alone!! This never happens and we treasure it more than anyone could imagine. We are very close the two of us and it is so nice to not have anyone around us just so we can have that time to just bond and be "US" again.. we haven't done much at all except hang out at home, try clothes on together, swap jewellery, watch DVDs in our new massive media room waiting on each other in turns and just be idiots together...
I was a single mum for a couple of years and now we are a family of four as I remarried 5 years ago and had my wee beautiful boy 6 years ago.. so our own time has pretty much gone out the window as time has flown in this crazy thing called LIFE!! So hence the reason why we are cherishing each and every moment we have been blessed to have together x
Hope you all have a great week and don't forget to slow down a bit... I know it is hard this close to Christmas but all will get done in the end
Night for now
Moonie x

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